Gag Gifts: Pregnancy Test and Fake Poop

Pregnancy Test

What could be more funny than becoming a parent? How about being tricked into believing you are pregnant when you are not. You can now purchase fake pregnancy tests that looked exactly like the real ones, packaged in boxes that looked exactly like the real tests. The gag behind these is that they all come out positive. Yeah, that’s a good one. Remember how you always want to be pregnant? You better start thinking of baby names. A good name for your baby would be Bull since it likely is in real.

Of course, the target market for these fake pregnancy tests is probably a sassy woman that has no soul and loves to crush the dreams and hopes of her partner. Or maybe the target is just any abomination that has a uterus.


Fake Poop


If you decided to use Google and put in “gag gifts,” you would likely find many products that relate to poop. Most makers of gag gifts love poop and obviously spent a lot of their time in their gag chambers creating all manners of hoop merchandise. Maybe a lot of these creators still live in their parent’s basement and are inspired by all the poop around them. I would know, since I’ve never met one of these people.

One of my favorite pieces of merchandise is the toilet turd. This is a piece of fake poop that you put on the toilet seat. When someone goes into the toilet stall, they may be shocked to see that someone pooped on the seat. Of course, anytime I’ve ever seen poop on the seed I have not found it funny. I have never understood why anybody would poop on the toilet seat. I mean, come on, the toilet is right there, so why not poop into that? To me, re-creating this event isn’t funny. And when you are done with the joke, you need to thoroughly wash that piece of poop because you had it on the toilet seat. But, hey, to each their own.