Gag Gifts for Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time to have fun and be lighthearted. It can bring out the child in all of us. If you would like to give a gag gift for Christmas, there are many you can choose from. For certain gatherings, Christmas gag gift is a wonderful option. Gag gifts are especially fun when the recipient doesn’t know that’s what they are getting ahead of time. When they believe they are getting a sweater or tie, a gag gift can create a reaction that is priceless.

Of course, we have all heard about getting a lump of coal for Christmas rather than presents. There is even a of laughing coal you can give that turns off and on. This gift also has many sayings. Wrapping this gift or putting it in a stocking is a great way to keep everyone laughing. You can also use chocolate covered raisins and label them as reindeer droppings. They are great way to catch someone off guard at Christmas.

There are plenty of dancing and singing Santa Claus’s you can purchase as a gag gift. Though some will just say, “ho, ho, ho,” others dance and sing to holiday music. There are even Santa’s that make snide remarks or part that would shock your recipient. Another I have seen is a Santa Claus that bends over and shows his butt. These can be a great gag gift that people will remember for years.

As you are purchasing a gag gift, don’t forget to find fun Christmas wrapping paper as well. Of course, you may want to use more serious wrapping paper if the gag gift as a surprise. Just remember, when it comes to giving gag gifts at Christmas, what comes around goes around.

If you tend to be a jokester, you should probably prepare yourself to receive some gag gifts at Christmas. Of course, you have all year to figure out how to retaliate. Giving gag gifts for Christmas can be a great tradition for making the holidays more fun for your family and friends.