Gag Gifts: All About Farts

Yep, you read the title right. This one is all about the farts. I know, I know, everyone loves a good fart joke. But how about a good fart gag gift?


Fart Candy


So, you may be thinking this is a kind of candy that smells like a fart and gives everyone a good laugh. Well, if that’s what you’re expecting, the gag is on you like it was me. Do you remember the hot pepper gum? How about the gum that turns your mouth black? Yeah, this is kind of like that. This will take you to an entire new level of craziness, though. This fart candy makes you fart.


I was never made aware of the ability to hide a fart in candy. Yes, we know that beans can cause gas, and some people are unable to handle Mexican food, but now they have candy that will make you fart? This may seem like a good prank at first glance, but you must understand that you are with the person that is eating the candy, so you are the one that becomes the victim in the end.


Liquid Ass


To me, this is the omega of butt pranks. This super-concentrated liquid gives a power packed smell as it begins to evaporate into the air. It leaves the air with the smell of foul butt crack with hints of fresh poop and dead animals. Yeah, sounds great, right?


Of course, we all know that bad smells do not equal a good time. No one cares for things that stink. We have all been victim to the bad smells from time to time, finding ourselves with watery eyes and having to pull our shirts up over our noses. We end up laughing over the magnitude of the fart, and the idea that another human could share in it. This fake ass smell, though, ruins the good name of real stink.


Queef Station


Yes, we are not quite off the fart train yet. The last one here we will be discussing is the Queef Station. To me, this is one of the funniest things I could come up with. I can only assume how someone came up with this idea. They were likely playing with a fart machine and began wondering how it would sound if it came out of a vagina. From there, he likely started working on the fart machine figure out ways to make it sound more vaginal. You imagine sitting there is some guy worked on this gag gift? I feel pretty certain that his mother is quite proud of him for this accomplishment.