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The funniest gag gifts in the world!

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Tonya Miles

Ideas for Gag Gifts

Ideas for Gag Gifts

The sky is the limit when it comes to gag gift ideas as there are so many options available. There are many gag gifts that are geared towards children, but a lot of them are also geared towards adults. Gag gifts can be given for birthday parties, retirement parties, or any other event. They can also be a great surprise for the holidays. Many times, parties are thrown with the agreement to only give gag gifts. Is a great way for people to feel younger and have fun together.

Things  you need to keep in mind

When you’re looking for gag gift ideas, you need to have a good idea of how much money you’re wanting to spend first. Most gag gifts tend to be inexpensive, so you can afford to purchase a few different ones. In fact, you may want to purchase a gag gift and a real gift for the person.

The type of gag gift you give the person should reflect their personality and yours. You will need to know the recipient well enough to understand their sense of humor plan to buy them a gag gift. Whatever gag gift you choose, you will not want to offend the recipient or the other party guests with your gift. Otherwise, the gift may have the opposite effect of what you are going for. Also, keep in mind the age of the recipient and whether the party will have young children in attendance.

Finding the perfect gag gifts can sometimes be difficult. The best way to solve this problem is to look for a gift online. There are hundreds of gag gift items online you can choose from. Odds are you will spend a lot of time laughing as you look at the many gifts available. Another benefit of shopping online is the online stores will have many more options than your local retail store. It will also decrease the chances that you show up with the same gag gift to someone else at the party.

There are many gag gift ideas on the market today for you to choose from. If you plan to order your gift online, be sure to do it early. You will certainly want to have the gift in hand before the party happens. When you find a good gag gift site online, be sure to save the web address so you can shop with them the next time you need a gag gift.


Gag Gifts: Pregnancy Test and Fake Poop

fake pregnancy test, gag gifts

Pregnancy Test

What could be funnier than becoming a parent? How about being tricked into believing you are pregnant when you are not? You can now purchase fake pregnancy test that looked exactly like the real ones, packaged in boxes that looked exactly like the real tests. The gag behind these is that they all come out positive. Yeah, that’s a good one. Remember how you always want to be pregnant? You better start thinking of baby names. A good name for your baby would be Bull since it likely is in reality.

Of course, the target market for these fake pregnancy test is probably a sassy woman that has no soul and loves to crush the dreams and hopes of her partner. Or maybe the target is just an abomination that has a uterus.

Gag Gifts, Fake Poop

Fake Poop

If you decided to use Google and put in “gag gifts,” you would likely find many products that relate to poop. Most makers of gag gifts love poop and obviously spent a lot of their time in their gag chambers creating all manners of hoop merchandise. Maybe a lot of these creators still live in their parent’s basement and are inspired by all the poop around them. I would know since I’ve never met one of these people.

One of my favorite pieces of merchandise is the toilet turd. This is a piece of fake poop that you put on the toilet seat. When someone goes into the toilet stall, they may be shocked to see that someone pooped on the seat. Of course, anytime I’ve ever seen poop on the seed I have not found it funny. I have never understood why anybody would poop on the toilet seat. I mean, come on, the toilet is right there, so why not poop into that? To me, re-creating this event isn’t funny. And when you are done with the joke, you need to thoroughly wash that piece of poop because you had it on the toilet seat. But, hey, to each their own.

Funny Retirement Gag Gifts

retirement gag gifts

Retirement is such an exciting time in life. It’s a time when people can move on to bigger and better things other than having to be in the routine of going to work during the week. There are some fun retirement gag gifts you can give someone to get them headed off on this road of retirement. These gifts can also lighten the mood sense retirement can be an emotional time for someone leaving people behind and the place they have worked perhaps for years.

Funny Retirement Gag Gifts Ideas

One simple and fun retirement gag gift is giving the person a card with a couple of lottery tickets. You can design the tickets yourself, making one of them a winner and one not. One that is a winner can offer a large prize of some sort. Of course, some people may see this is means since you may get the hopes up of the recipient. If they are used to getting gag gifts from you or others, though, I’m sure they will be expecting it.

There are some games that are also fun for retirement, such as retirement BINGO. The retiring individual fills up this Bingo card with the things that they never been done before. This game played without the spouse of the retiree.

There are many retirement gag gifts you can purchase for a retirement party. In fact, there are many themes for retirement you can find online. If the retirement party being thrown at someone you are unfamiliar with, you need to be cautious. You need to be careful in your work environment and try not to offend someone. If it is a family member or friend, though, you will better know what they may find enjoyable and funny.

There is a wide selection of retirement gag gifts available in stores and online. A simple search online can give you many websites that offer such gifts. There are also options to either buy individual pieces or a gift bag with many different gag gifts included. A novelty store is another great place to find gag gifts. Going to a novelty store will provide you with as much entertainment as giving the recipient the gift itself. Regardless, have fun giving a gift that will bring laughs too many people, including the retiree.

Gag Gifts for Christmas

gag gifts, Christmas gag gifts

Christmas is a wonderful time to have fun and be lighthearted. It can bring out the child in all of us. If you would like to give a gag gift for Christmas, there are many you can choose from. For certain gatherings, Christmas gag gift is a wonderful option. Gag gifts are especially fun when the recipient doesn’t know that’s what they are getting ahead of time. When they believe they are getting a sweater or tie, a gag gift can create a reaction that is priceless.

Of course, we have all heard about getting a lump of coal for Christmas rather than presents. There is even an of laughing coal you can give that turns off and on. This gift also has many sayings. Wrapping this gift or putting it in a stocking is a great way to keep everyone laughing. You can also use chocolate covered raisins and label them as reindeer droppings. They are the great way to catch someone off guard at Christmas.

There are plenty of dancing and singing Santa Claus’s you can purchase as a gag gift. Though some will just say, “ho, ho, ho,” others dance and sing to holiday music. There are even Santa’s that make snide remarks or part that would shock your recipient. Another I have seen is a Santa Claus that bends over and shows his butt. These can be a great gag gift that people will remember for years.

As you are purchasing a gag gift, don’t forget to find fun Christmas wrapping paper as well. Of course, you may want to use more serious wrapping paper if the gag gift as a surprise. Just remember, when it comes to giving gag gifts at Christmas, what comes around goes around.

If you tend to be a jokester, you should probably prepare yourself to receive some gag gifts at Christmas. Of course, you have all year to figure out how to retaliate. Giving gag gifts for Christmas can be a great tradition for making the holidays more fun for your family and friends.

Enjoy other gag gifts ideas

Gag Gifts: All About Farts

Frats Gag Gifts
Yep, you read the title right. This one is all about the farts. I know, I know, everyone loves a good fart joke. But how about a good fart gag gift?

Fart Candy

So, you may be thinking this is a kind of candy that smells like a fart and gives everyone a good laugh. Well, if that’s what you’re expecting, the gag is on you like it was me. Do you remember the hot pepper gum? How about the gum that turns your mouth black? Yeah, this is kind of like that. This will take you to an entirely new level of craziness, though. This fart candy makes you fart.

I was never made aware of the ability to hide a fart in candy. Yes, we know that beans can cause gas, and some people are unable to handle Mexican food, but now they have candy that will make you fart? This may seem like a good prank at first glance, but you must understand that you are with the person that is eating the candy, so you are the one that becomes the victim in the end.

Liquid Ass

To me, this is the omega of butt pranks. This super-concentrated liquid gives a power packed smell as it begins to evaporate into the air. It leaves the air with the smell of foul butt crack with hints of fresh poop and dead animals. Yeah, sounds great, right?

Of course, we all know that bad smells do not equal a good time. No one cares about things that stink. We have all been victim to the bad smells from time to time, finding ourselves with watery eyes and having to pull our shirts up over our noses. We end up laughing at the magnitude of the fart, and the idea that another human could share in it. This fake ass smell, though, ruins the good name of real stink.

Queef Station

Yes, we are not quite off the fart train yet. The last one where we will be discussing is the Queef Station. To me, this is one of the funniest things I could come up with. I can only assume how someone came up with this idea. They were likely playing with a fart machine and began wondering how it would sound if it came out of a vagina. From there, he likely started working on the fart machine figure out ways to make it sound more vaginal. You imagine sitting there is some guy worked on this gag gift? I feel pretty certain that his mother is quite proud of him for this accomplishment.